The Jero Villa Management

The Jero Villa Management

The Jero Management is an integrated hospitality management company, offering a simple and dedicated villa management service to Bali villa owners. Our primary mission is to uncover your property’s potential and introduce it to the world as a luxury Bali holiday house.

Our Services

Our responsibility is ranging from staff recruitment, training, guidance, supervision, to the management of proficient and trustworthy villa staff. We ensure the villa staffs with five star standard performances to serve you and your guests around the clock within your property area.

We perform daily monitoring and maintenance of the property and its facilities. Any major maintenance project will be performed under your approval. Afterwards, we shall conduct a full supervision on the project to ensure that all repairs go properly, smoothly, and efficiently.

To ensure the smooth operation of your villa, we shall perform a consistent standard operating procedures, and solid management decisions. It is to accomplish an efficient operation, superior product, and ultimate guest satisfactions. International Standard Operational Procedure will be applied in all aspects, including professional front office service, housekeeping, security, accounting, guest service assistance, etc.

Many guests expect a full privacy, while some others require a fully-assisted service. Treating them in accordance with their expectation is quite a challenge. However, we are ready to serve all guests through a guest service assistance based on our knowledge and experience of the island, tradition, custom, culture, holiday itinerary, and emergency cases management.

Villa Marketing & Rentals

We combine direct marketing effort in cooperation with travel agencies, as well as local and international portal. Therefore, we can ensure that your potential villa is not merely a well-run vacation property, but also a lucrative investment.